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Enjoy the beauties of the Algarve in a unique and fun experience. Stand up paddle is suitable for all ages and physical conditions, for families or groups of friends.

About us

Alvor Paddle Tours is a young and recent brand, but formed by fully experienced instructors.
We offer Stand Up Paddel tours, an activity that allows you to get to know the Algarve coast in a more free and dynamic way.
In the summer, we are settled in the car park of the Praia do Alemão Beach. We are the van parked just a few meters away from the sea water.

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João D'Arens Tour

This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Take a quiet SUP ride in a true paradise. Enjoy the biological diversity, the rocks, the fish, the birds and the abundant vegetation. Discover secret beaches and enjoy the sun in a paradisiacal place.

Alvor Tour

We offer a tempting tour for those who like to challenge their limits! A long paddle between limestone rocks, true sculptures made by nature, perfect for taking great dives. In between, we will do a short Yoga session in the cave!

Private Stand Up Paddle Tours

Experience the best of the Algarve coastline on a private Stand Up Paddle tour

"João D'Arens is one of the most beautiful places in the world"

8h . 10h . 14h . 16h . 18h
Alemão beach – Portimão
“Meeting point” – Car park


The best option for the freer and more adventurous people.

Our VAN is located in the parking lot near the access ramp to the German Beach (Barranco das Canas).

A real Paradise is waiting for you!

From 8h00 to 19h00 / From 15.00

a unique experience

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the best beaches in the Algarve

Book now and enjoy the best beaches

Stand Up Paddle is an easy activity for all levels.

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